Dorm DIY: Paint Swatch Wall

Do it Yourself: Paint Swatch Wall Art! Great to add color and personality for dorm rooms & other places that you can't paint.
Like this? Pin-it! We call this the “Sunrise” style. Want to see a different style? View our version of the “grid” style here!

While gathering ideas for dorm room decorations my roommates and I came across a lot of ideas about designs that you can make using paint samples. Since our University does not allow us to paint the walls in our rooms (most schools don’t let you) we decided that this was a cute, simple, way to give temporary color and personality to our space.



Cool, right? We sure thought so. We planned to do something similar to this before we met in person, so one of my roommates and I went to Home Depot and grabbed tons of paint swatches. We didn’t have chance to coordinate as much as it would require to do so for those fancy designs, so we just did the best with what we had.



CAM00167 CAM00166

We put 4 small rolled up pieces of scotch tape on the back of each paint swatch, one on each corner of the swatch, to make sure it would stick to the wall. We started with red in the corner and tried our best to fade it out in a rainbow pattern, ending with light pink/purple at the top.




It took a lot of teamwork, coordination, and loud music… but here was our result!

CAM00182We hope to collect more paint samples soon and begin the same pattern in the top left corner of the wall, so they meet and combine in the center creating a full rainbow going up and back.


How have you added some color and personality to your dorm room? Tell me below!


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9 thoughts on “Dorm DIY: Paint Swatch Wall

  1. I have a paint swatch wall, too! I definitely need to collect more swatches though, it’s only about four feet long, and I want it to stretch the length of my bed! Yours looks great, it certainly is a fantastic way to brighten up a room!


    • The more swatches the merrier, for sure! We’re planning on expanding ours to fade back into red on the top left corner of the wall, so it goes through the rainbow twice and fills the wall.
      Glad you liked it 🙂


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