Pits and Peaks: Week 1

Pit and Peak Week 1Happy Halloween everyone!

This semester I’m in a mandatory class that all Freshman for my University have to be in their first term. It’s kind of a ‘University 101’ course, teaching all first years about the various resources on campus and forcing us to be involved in little activities from going to museums in LA to having visits from the on campus career center.

The way my class always starts off is that we do this thing called Pits and Peaks. During Pits and Peaks we share the lowest (pit) point of our week, and the highest (peak) point of our week with the class. While this class ends in December, this is something that I found really entertaining, and kind of a good way to force myself to look on the bright side of things every once in a while, which I need.

I have decided to make this a weekly feature on this blog: every Friday. I encourage you reading this to share your pit and peak each week as well in the comments section below.

So, here we go. For this week:

My Pit:

I came down with a pretty bad cold last weekend and it hasn’t quite gone away. Being sick really sucks. My throat hurts, I’m coughing a little, my head hurts, and I’m overall exhausted.

My Peak:

I get to see my boyfriend today! This is usually my peak when we share these in my class… but I really like spending time with him. And It’s Halloween! And I’m super excited for it.

Your turn! What’s your pit and peak for this week?


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