Pits and Peaks: Week 3

As I introduced 2 weeks ago, every Friday I will be sharing my pit and peak (low and high) of the week with you! If you missed my introduction post and want to know what that means: here’s more information on it. 

So, here we go. For this week:

My Pit:

I have 2 huge essays due next week, and it’s still tech week for my show. I’ve been in rehearsals till midnight every night and haven’t been able to get my homework done, let alone have a social life! It’s stressful and I’m exhausted.

My Peak:

My show opened last night! The show itself is really well done, the sets and technical aspects are all beautiful, and even though the show is over 3 hours long, I’m very excited for it. I’m also very excited for it to be over and to get my sleep pattern back in check!

Your turn! What’s your pit and peak for this week? Share in the comments below!

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