Pits and Peaks: Week 5

As I introduced a few weeks ago, every Friday I will be sharing my pit and peak (low and high) of the week with you! If you missed my introduction post and want to know what that means: here’s more information on it. 

So, here we go. For this week:

My Pit:

Work. Work work work. School work, work for my job, work for my blog… my to-do list is overflowing! Time to crack down and get all this work that has been piling up done. That’s the good thing about the break, in my opinion, being able to get a break from having more work added onto my pile in order to finish that which is already there.

My Peak:

Over this week, I am going to DISNEYLAND! That’s right. I love it. Disneyland is one of my favorite places of all time, and is the one thing that never fails to bring a massive smile on my face and make me incredibly happy. It’s my happy place, my laughing place, and my dreaming place. I absolutely adore it!


Your turn! What’s your pit and peak for this week? Share in the comments below!

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