About Me

I’m Dani!mxb4

I believe that there’s a lot more to myself than anyone has so far discovered.

That’s why I’m here, to try to discover more about myself through writing and sharing my thoughts with you. I think of myself of as a procrastinating overachiever. I tend to go above and beyond on silly organization projects, artistic things, and such.. only because I’m procrastinating on something.

Welcome to my blog, my attempt to become creatively fulfilled.

Hopefully I don’t bore you too much on this silly personal information.

College Freshman – 18 – Born, raised, and still residing in California. Feminist.

Natural blonde. Fake redhead.

Studying Theatre Arts with a focus on Stage Management as well as either Marketing Communications, Multimedia, or Business (currently undecided.)

What I post: College and life tips, about my personal life, do it yourself crafts, general school tips, organization, simple cute how-to tutorials, and much more!

Interests: Theatre, stage managing, Do-It-Yourself crafts, organization, writing, living on campus, web graphic design, lace, Disney, washi tape and Lucille Ball.


Want to contact me? Use this!

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